O'Connor, ACT
(5km North-West of Canberra)
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Bruce Ridge is a nature reserve located almost in the center of Canberra between the suburbs of Lyneham and Bruce. The local MTB community through the Friends of Bruce Ridge has worked hard to establish a sound working relationship with the ACT government to formalise the trail network in the protected nature reserve.
During the first half of 2012 the trail network was reaccessed with a new plan going before the ACT Parks and Conservation Service for approval, this included a proposal to build some additional trails. There is a around 18 km top grade free flowing single track at the ridge. With limited climbing this area is suitable for all levels of fitness and most trails can be easily tackled by riders with beginner to intermediate levels of skill.
However, because of the twisting and looping style the trails offer plenty of fun for levels. Taken at 'full attack' speed the area can provide a ride of surprising intensity for advanced level riders.
Source: CORC
Last Updated:
29 July 2013