Armidale, NSW
(120km North-East of Tamworth)
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New England MTB Club
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Bicycle Central on Marsh
5/85 Marsh Street, Armidale
Armidale Bicycle Centre
2/244 Beardy Street, Armidale
The Piney’s been a bit of a single track stable for Armidale MTB as it’s located only a few k’s north of the town and has enough variety to suit everyone from the novice to the bigger hitting rigs. The Attitude @ Altitude track mixes it up with fast big cog action in Big Dog’s Den, the flowy Snakes’n’Ladders, grinds and rock gardens.
There’s one main climb through IGOR and Rooty Hill to get you up to the peak at just over 1,000m. Once you’ve crunched the grind it’s into the rock gardens of Angry Eyes and The Fort, all meshed together with single track. The forest thins a little and heads into the tech structures from Decked Skinny to Wibble-Wobble. A few “bridges” (a strong word) including the fabled Lucy’s Leap, gets you tracking the creek line.
You leave the forest over the fence on The Gnarly Knock Over, not for the faint hearted – unsure - take the B Line. The track changes to open single track and then feeding onto the only long section of vehicle track allowing a slow steady climb along The Strip to the start of the fast pine forest section Big Dog’s Den.
This is a track for everyone. Don’t be too concerned with all the big talk of grinds and tree roots as it’s all just banter to scare the visiting ocean dwelling clubs. The grind up Grandpa’s and Rooty Hill are made for all levels of rider with the flowy Snakes’n’Ladders thrown into the middle for a breather and a “B line” diverting around the final aggressive pinch through the Crow’s Nest.
If you find that the legs and lungs are not burning enough then have a crack at Igor for a more ugly rideable grind. There is a total of eight sign posted B lines to get you around the more technical stuff while you work up the courage.
Source: New England Mountain Bikers
Last Updated:
14 January 2016