Nambucca Heads, NSW
(110km North of Port Macquarie)
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Nambucca Valley Cycle Club
Riders saddle up at the trail head, which starts innocently enough and flows back onto a fire trail before your legs have warmed up. Then the track suddenly veers to the right sending the unwary hurtling as the track picks up speed. Your heart rate will hit an all-new high as you hit top speed and follow the natural fall of the terrain. That new noise is wind whistling through your toothy grin. Welcome to the Jacks Ridge roller-coaster.
But it's not over yet: climb up Serpentine Hill to Jack's next feature - Boris Karloff, aka Frankenstein's Monster (or "that big scary log"). Choosing the right gear is critical as you tackle the ramp. Your toothy smile will freeze in place as you traverse this 25-metre log roll. Don't look down - Boris has lifted you over two metres from the ground. Back at sea level you take on kilometre after kilometre of some of the sweetest, fastest flowing single track around.
Jacks Ridge has it all! Fast flowing singletrack, log rolls, berms, gentle climbs, technical challenges and of course the Formula One-like rollercoaster. Fitness and skills levels are from Beginner to Elite, with B tracks offered on all features, making every ride a great family outing. Experienced riders visiting the area tell us Jacks Ridge is "the best track on the coast".
Source: Australian Mountain Bike Magazine - July 2011
The Nambucca Valley Cycle Club's super-loop at Jacks Ridge Trail is the newest addition to the ever-growing range of XC trails on the north coast. Located just west of Nambucca Heads, the local crew have work hard to create a really sweet set of linked trails, combining the dual track of old forestry roads in the form of "The Roller-coaster" with purpose built, hand carved single track.
Source: www.barkhutmountain.com

Last Updated:
29 December 2012