Orange, NSW
(270km West of Sydney)
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Central West Off Road Bicycle Club
Kinross has been favourably compared to Canberra’s Sparrow Hill trails but with more elevation and a little more rock. As a result it’s slightly more technical with some fun downhills. It also includes extensive use of natural features like fallen trees and G-outs through gullies.
While we only covered 10km before the heavens opened again, our guides informed us that there’s around 30km of fireroad and singletrack trails in all, and from what we rode there’s definitely sections you’ll happily repeat again and again! The trail crew has a wacky sense of humour with trail names such as ‘Issac has an off’, ‘El Gastro’ and the mostly downhill ‘Frozen Dead Guy’ which was a personal highlight of the ride.
The trailhead at ‘Eat at Joe’s’ coincides with a healthy crop of supposedly edible mushrooms, although our tour guide wasn’t game to prove this fact! There are plenty of trails and it’s not the most intuitive place to navigate around, so taking a trail map is highly recommended.
Source: Mountain Bike Australia Magazine - August 2010
Kinross State Forest is one of NSW mountain biking's best kept secrets. The mountain biking trails include over 20km's of purpose built singletrack through lush pine forest and over varied terrain. The area offers a large percentage of singletrack suited to riders of all abilities, with a good combination of easy flowing smooth sections teamed with some more technical short & sharp hills, fast descents & some fun surprises thrown in along the way.
Source: Global Riders Network
Last Updated:
29 December 2012