Bournda, NSW
(450km South of Sydney)
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$5 per bike (incl Manna Park)
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Manna Park
Tathra Mountain Bike Club
Bermagui Dirt Surfers
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Tathra Beach & Bike
31 Andy Poole Drive, Tathra
Mandeni: The original cross country loop, created about three years ago, is just over 10km long and navigable by most riders. It's a great beginner loop that gets technically more difficult as you progress around, but if you've had enough you can duck back to the trail head via any of the numerous intersecting fire roads.
The first kilometre or so is nice and flat and fast if you desire. Then you have to cross one of two bridges that gets you over fence lines (caution) followed by a tight section and another couple of smaller bridges through a creek line. Watch our for the wombat mine field! After the second fence crossing, where you have a choice of adding the Manna Park loop, you briefly ride along a fence before a gentle and fun climb followed by a similar descent.
Skirting the golf course and crossing another bridge, the trail curves around a big dam on a wider trail. Once around the dam you have the option of dropping into a small quarry to sample a few berms. Now, at about the half way mark, the ride gets more interesting, with slightly steeper climbs, fun descents, and optional log rides (lots of them).
The last descending section is part of 'Log World', where numerous logs have been positioned along the trial to practice your skills. The last consists of two logs end to end connected via a small bridge, all up about 40m in length
Source: Australian Mountain Bike Magazine - September 2009
Last Updated:
26 May 2013