Mt Annan, NSW
(60km South-West of Sydney)
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The current trail consists of two well marked and signposted sections which form a rough figure eight; the first 'competent' loop is around 4km, and you can also add on approximately 3km for the 'intermediate' extension. It is worth noting that none of the trail is what you would normally call beginner friendly; although well groomed, the trail is quite tight and twisty for the most part, and is certainly a good cardio and leg workout.
Despite having only around 60m of elevation change throughout the area, and given it's relatively short length, the enduro trail is certainly no 'walk in the park'. There are really no long sustained climbs, but neither are there any really long rest sections; the end result is a track that feels much longer and steeper than it actually is.
The enduro trail makes excellent use of the area available, and this again shows how much fun you can get out of a trail with some thoughtful design and quality build work.
The trail surface is generally smooth and fast, but the twisty nature of the track as well as the man-made obstacles mean that you can never switch off your brain and relax for too long, and overall the riding is engaging from start to finish. As with anywhere, the more you ride the enduro trail, the more you start to see faster or easier lines, and the more you enjoy challenging preconceptions of what or how fast you can ride in a particular section.
The trail does have a very different 'feel' to most other tracks, and much of this emanates from the less common design traits, but riding on a variety of tracks ultimately makes us all better riders.
Source: Mountain Biking Australia Magazine
Last Updated:
10 January 2012