Glenroy, NSW
(5km North of Albury)
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Albury Wodonga Mountain Bikers
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XC Course Starting with a short fire road climb, the course loops around Low Range which includes Roxy's Ramble. Leaving the event centre again the course steadily climbs up the beautifully put together Goat Track and Intestine Trail.
When exiting Intestine the crux of the climb begins on the fire road. Steadily to begin with, then a false flat, with the final steep pinch where category placings will no doubt be decided. From here, the highest point, the real fun begins. Descend the initial sections of the intense No More Secrets, then onto the twisting trails of the Dirt Luge, Trail Fairy and then the trail that tops them all "SHELOBS REVENGE".
Shelobs is a lightning fast, super smooth piece of single trail that you will never forget. Complete with obstacles that can be taken at light speed with perfect flow that allows the fearless to put the brakes in the back pocket and enjoy the ride!!! The course then loops around to the event centre including a short pinchy climb that will make the legs scream and the quality singles of the Twister. This course will prove popular with riders of all abilities. It's only as hard as you want to make it.
Source: Albury Wodonga Mountain Bikers
There's about 20km of trail on Crown land, including a 9km race track that hosts a Victorian Enduro Series round. But there's roughly another 20km on private property abutting Nail Can that's legal to ride thanks to the friendly relations between the club and landowners.
Close to the main Range Road trailhead the club's extensive efforts to realign trails are obvious. There is some signage and more to come. Highlights are the awesome descent along Dirt Luge and the super-quick Shelobs Revenge. Further out it gets gnarlier. This is a rocky hill, so you'll quickly improve your technical climbing and descending skills as you negotiate challenging trails like Mine Your Line and the ominously named Blood Gully.
Source: Australian Mountain Bike Magazine - July 2012
Last Updated:
21 July 2012