Redland Bay, QLD
(45km South-East of Brisbane)
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This area is easiest to access from Days Road, Redland Bay. The access is a dirt road off German Church Road, leading to an informal parking area at the end of Days Road. You can also get into this reserve from the western side, using the un-sealed part of German Church Road, and entering the reserve on one of the two trails either side of the water treatment plant.
The southern part of the reserve can be accessed from Serpentine Creek Road, riding along the fire road which starts opposite Rocky Passage Road. The trails in the northern part of the area (near Days Rd) are the steepest, most challenging trails on Brisbane's south, with plenty of loose rock to throw you off line.
Many of the fire roads are very difficult or impossible to climb, but can be great value on the way down. Some of the most popular loops include a testing single track climb, and a gnarly fire road descent. All single track should be rideable in both directions.
The southern end of the reserve (entrance from Serpentine Creek Road) is much flatter with single track winding through trees, and dropping through creeks to add some interest and challenge to the ride.
Source: MtbDirt
Last Updated:
29 July 2013