Cordalba, QLD
(45km South-West of Bundaberg)
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Mountain Biking Bundaberg
The entrance to the trails are marked with a sign stating 'Promisedland mountain bike trails'. There is a beginner’s track called Joey, its green or easy level of difficulty, only 800m long and located right next to the trailhead. Also next to the trailhead is Glider, 600m long, its blue or intermediate level of difficulty, is a descending trail with a small rock garden and flowing turns, some of which are off camber and tricky when ridden at speed.
Ironbark is the next singletrack, a mainly flat trail that still feels fast with a bit of pedalling, mainly flowing turns, a few v-dips and changing surfaces, its 1.7kms long. When exiting Ironbark, riders have a choice of turning right to Barking Owl, or left towards Cow Bones.
Barking Owl is 4.3km of blue level singletrack, starts as a gradual climb up a ridge till it turns sharply at the top and enters the mainly descending portion of the trail. Flowy turns, a few rocky outcrops and plenty of speed through narrow trees bring you out just below the trailhead.
New trails at Cordalba are being approved and built continually. Cow Bones and Grasstree are our newer ones that haven’t had completed signage. There is a temporary map at the trailhead which shows the location of these new tracks. Cowbones is currently the most difficult trail, it has fast descents, pinch climbs, mixed surfaces and flowy singletrack. It has a creek crossing that can be underwater after heavy rain.
Cow Bones exits near the trailhead. 2.6 kms long, its a favourite of riders with mid travel bikes. Grass tree links onto the top part of Barking Owl and is a tight track that parallels Promisedland road. Ridden from the top of the trail it can be linked with Barking Owl descent to make a gently descending track that takes over 11 minutes to complete depending on your skills and fitness.
Source: Bundaberg Mountainbiking Inc
Last Updated:
7 August 2014