Leawood Gardens, SA
(12km South-East of Adelaide)
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Adelaide Mountain Bike Club
Eagle Mountain Bike Park in Adelaide, South Australia is debatably the best known trail centre in the city. The park is one of the most accessible, legal mountain biking locations in Adelaide. The park includes a generous trail network, catering for a variety of mountain bike disciplines and abilities, however beginners be warned – fitness will likely be more of a challenge than a lack of skill.
Born with approximately 21kms of cross country trails, one downhill trail, a token “skills development” area, dirt jumps and a trials area, the park has changed for the better and worse over the years. Eagle MTB Park typically suffers periods of neglect in between events, only to receive a surge or energy to prepare for an upcoming event.
After spending quite some time away from the country, I am happy to report that Eagle Mountain Bike Park has really changed for the better. Although the dirt jumps and trials area are as good as abandoned, the park now includes a 4x and pump track. The cross country trail network is slowly growing, with the nature of new trails changing from super technical to the more popular flow style.
As a result, the park now contains some challenging rocky terrain, tight switchbacks and loose, rutted trails, but also some faster, “let your hair down” stuff too. Built on an abandoned quarry, many trails at Eagle MTB Park are sandy and at times, rocky. During Summer, the local habitat and it’s orientation in the Mt Lofty Ranges make it a fairly unforgiving place to ride.
I’d recommend that anyone heading to Eagle in Summer bring plenty of water, and stick to the sheltered trails to avoid the sun. For those visiting from abroad, keep an eye out for snakes – no need to be alarmed, just give them space if you spot one.
Source: www.ridemorebikes.com/eagle-mountain-bike-park/
Last Updated:
28 December 2012