Lynton, SA
(11km South of Adelaide)
Trails & Tracks*:
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Facilities & Services:
Adelaide Mountain Bike Club
Inside Line Downhill MTB Club
Local Bicycle Shops:
Mitcham Cycles
21 Belair Road, Kingswood
Standish Cycles Unley
120 Unley Road, Hyde Park
Lifecycles Norwood
45 Kensington Road, Norwood
There is plenty to get excited about! An awesome 4X track, and a freeride zone, pump-track and jap jumps with progressions from small to sill can be found dotted around the area. As for the trails, they vary from easy cruisy greens to rough and rocky double black diamond DH.
One of the most interesting sections is the World Trails-built 'Tunnel X-over' trail, which serves as a link to nearby reserves. It has been built for maximum fun value, with flowing corners, jumps, bumps and lots of air to be had. Riding down feels like a magic carpet ride. It's machine-cut singletrack at it's best.
In contrast a lot of the other trails that were hand-built. The trails that drop from Steeps Hill into the old landfill (Sleeps 1, 2 & 3) are rough and rocky, and even the blue-classified 'Sleeps 3' trail is narrow and technical and feels like it has been scratched out by goats!
Even some of the green trails are a blast - in particular the 'Lynton Green link' trail is a great ride downwards, and a reasonable uphill option to get to the Windy Point Trails, the most challenging area of the park. Firstly there is the 'Windy Point Connector' which clings to the slopes below the road, using a series of wooden platforms to get around the sections of unrideable terrain. Then you get to the two downhill trails.
Using significant components of existing illegal trails, they will test you to the limit. Riders would certainly be wide to try 'Windy's Right' before first attempting 'Windys Left', the double black diamond. But don't worry, it all this talk of black diamond DH trails sounds too much for you, there is also the XC-suitable 'Quarry Loop' - a black diamond XC trail to continue the challenge.
Source: Australian Mountain Bike Magazine
Last Updated:
2 October 2011