As you enter the trail from the top car park, you will immediately pass through a low wooden fence and see a signed track (Berm Track) heading off to the left of the main trail. Jump onto this and you are on the first mountain bike trail. This track returns to the main fire trail after about 1.1kms. Follow the main track signs to the left (note that there is some new track being built just before here which may change things in the future) when you come to the junction.
The right hand junction takes you back to the trail head if you want another run at Berm track, and you will return this way. Follow the track downhill for another 450 metres until you come to another junction on an old fenceline. Turn left here onto the singletrack(unsigned at time of writing) and follow this downhill for another 1.3 kilometres ignoring a few tracks off to the left and.
Turning left when you come out at a T junction just across a small bridge and this will take you towards the lower car park area. About 3kms from the start (100m from the T Junction) you will see a park information sign and more importantly you’ll see the obvious new mountain bike track loop around to the left and continue on another section through the park.
Continue around this loop. There’s a couple of small black diamond detours (which I’ve included in the route distance) but it’s mainly easy, fast fun riding around this section. About 4.6km from the start you will see a pretty significant junction off to the left. I’ve highlighted this route in red in the map. This is an obviously well used route that connects with the top part of the park avoiding a bit of out and back.
It is not however shown on any of the bike park maps, but nor is it closed off. Your call if you use it, but obviously if closed signs go up in the future, don’t use it. The out and back is actually pretty fun and is what I’d recommend.
Last Updated:
7 April 2012