Kingston, TAS
(15km South of Hobart)
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Dirt Devils MTB Club
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McBains Cycles
132 Bathurst Street, Hobart
This new development (opened November 2012) aims to fill a skills development niche in the mountain bike scene around Hobart and will be best enjoyed by newer riders and intermediate riders looking to develop their skills. It would also be a great place for the kids who will love the jumps and easy riding.
As well as a Dirt Jump Park, the area contains a 200 metre 'kids corner' loop, the 1.3km "Holy Roller" for beginners and the 350 metre "Black Betty" which has a range of technical features, drops and bermed corners. Kingborough council has also more recently approved a stage 2 "Pump Track" for the site.
What this park is built for is those looking to develop their skills (I'm ignoring the Dirt Jump Park here which can entertain those so inclined for hours). The short 200 metre 'kids corner' loop is easy riding but is really just for the kids, however step up to the easy graded "Holy Roller" and even experienced riders can test themselves on the small obstacles and surprisingly sharp corners (if you get up to the right speeds), with the added advantage that the ride is short enough (1.3km) that you can try your approach a few different ways as you try a few laps. The Intermediate graded Black Betty starts at the same place as Holy Roller (so the two can be combined into a larger loop).
First up you'll be greeted by a rather intimidating (but optional) A Frame obstacle, and if you've got the guts to try that baby, then tell me how it goes. The only other major obstacle on the track is a choice of three different drops about half way around the short 400 metre loop, otherwise it is just a slightly more difficult version of Holy Roller with a few optional skills along the way.
Source: www.tassietrails.org
Last Updated:
26 March 2013