What’s unusual about the headlining North-South Track is that, unlike most other trails around Tasmania, it offers little in the way of ascent or descent (though it will eventually descend around 500m into the Glenorchy MTB Park). Instead it contours across the mountain, weaving through rainforest and a boulder field. It currently begins through a locked gate in the first car parking area at The Springs, a popular picnic area on the Mt Wellington road at an elevation of 720 metres.
The first kilometre is a gentle, freeflowing singletrack descent with no technical features, meeting up with the original section of track near Shoobridge Bend. The remaining 3km present a variety of technical play things; six log rides and two jumps, broken up by a back-spasming crossing through the boulder field.
The log rides (some of which stand more than a metre above the track) and jumps are optional, with the main track skirting around them. The track ends at Junction Cabin and from here you can turn back and ride the North-South Track in reverse, or follow Old Farm Track or Lenah Valley Fire Trail back down towards the city streets—both these fi re trails offer significant descents.
Source: Mountain Bike Australia - November 2010
Last Updated:
26 March 2013