For the trails on the West (downhill) side, approximately 0.6km from the Erica town sign, locate the "gravel dump" -a small pullout on the right side (as your heading downhill) of Moe-Rawson road most easily identified by an old sign frame Pull in and locate the small 'C1' trail sign at the start of the trail a few meters north of the shelter.
Note that at the time of this writing the 'C' trails appear largely overgrown, under-utilized and under-maintained. In many places, spider webs, ferns and other growth covers the trails making continuous riding difficult. For 'Berries' trail, from the Station Street crossing at Erica, head downhill (south) away from Erica for 100 meters on Moe-Rawson road and take the first road to the left, (Matheson Rd.) which goes uphill as Moe-Erica road heads downhill.
Follow this road for 0.25km to the sign for the cemetery, turn right onto gravel road towards the cemetery, then immediately at the Y, stay left while road to cemetery goes right. Follow dirt road to Berries 'C4' trailhead, passing first the transfer station then the cemetery. Look for the small 'C4' trail sign at a Y crossing then again at the trailhead on the right just past the cemetery.
Note that the 'Berries' trail consists mostly of fire road and some route finding at the bottom end of the trail will be necessary to link from one road to the next, as it is easy to lose your way onto the wrong road, however, several small 'C4' signs along the way will help you stay on track.
Source: Tim Haley
Last Updated:
5 February 2017