Lake Mountain, VIC
(130km North-East of Melbourne)
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Local Bicycle Shops:
Croydon Cycleworks
182 Mount Dandenong Road, Croydon
The crew here have become enthusiastic backers of mountain biking, developing a 10km loop called Granite Grind that starts and finishes in the main complex car park. There's less flow, more rocks and more technical challenges than at Buxton. The loop starts uphill, finishes uphill, and has some sections in between that would intimidate beginners, challenge intermediates and keep the experts interested.
There are slabs of granite, bridgework, rocky chutes, and tight hairpins. All the obstacles have been engineered properly, so there's no problem conquering them once you figure out the right line. Happily, the Granite Grind is just a taste of things to come. Just as at Buxton, another 10km of single track should be finished by the end of summer. There is also talk of a trail running all the way to Marysville. That's 30km! Downhill!
Lake Mountain requires more skill and confidence [than Buxton]. There are lots of tight corners, some of them hard to read because of the high grass. There is 230m of climbing in the 10km lap, and you ride right to the 1433m summit. If that all sounds too daunting, there are cross country ski courses to ride.
Source: Australian Mountain Bike Magazine - February 2011
Last Updated:
27 August 2011