Portland, VIC
(85km West of Warrnambool)
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Portland Cycling Club
Warrnambool MTB Club
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Logans Cycles
53 Percy Street, Portland
The trail here is essentially a single 7.5km loop. It is well signed (though oddly with numbers- sectors 1-13 – as though each section were a different trail), and as such, not hard to follow. The quality of trail is basic but generally pretty good (though don’t expect groomed singletrack with berms or woodwork), and was surprisingly rideable in August (not particularly wet).
The ground is a bit on the heavy side in places, so before making the trip you’d be silly not to check out recent rainfall stats for Portland. Starting with a long gentle descent, the trail allows you to build speed and hop off a couple of mid sized (and occasionally recklessly optimistic) jumps.
Later in the piece there is a lovely section of track which weaves back and forth between the walls of a little gully. The tail end of the loop is fairly run of the mill, however for the most part this is an entertaining (though fairly tame) ride, and sadly the only real option for mountain bike riders in this area.
Source: www.ausoutdoor.com
Last Updated:
28 December 2012