Dookie, VIC
(220km North of Melbourne)
Trails & Tracks*:
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Facilities & Services:
Goulburn Valley Mountain Bike Club
Local Bicycle Shops:
Don Ash Bike Hub
126-128 High Street, Shepparton
As they wind their way around and up the hill, the trails have been designed to follow the natural contours and are a mix of smooth undulating singletrack, off camber traverses, with the occasional whoop in and out of fun little gullies. Most of the riding is easily achievable by any level of rider, although there are plenty of more challenging trails with steep switchback corners and lengthy rock garden sections if you desire.
Some of the rock gardens can be quite daunting as you come upon them—metres worth of pointy, sharp looking volcanic rock that it’s occasionally hard to sight a line through. They certainly offer up plenty of challenge while being linked by sections of easily manageable trail.
When you’ve made it to the top of the hill, take a bit of time to check out the 360-degree views of the surrounding countryside and local vineyards. Here you can either continue on the XC trail network, or if you’re after a fun descent, then two of the three downhill tracks are certainly achievable on a trail or cross-country bike.
As you head back towards the trail head you have the option to take the trail that leads into the ‘Scorpion & Waterfall’ sections and part of the loop specifically designed for the Nationals Series event. The Scorpion is a set of rocky, off camber, uphill switchbacks that lead you across the Waterfall, a section of the western downhill course.
Here the track traverses a large rock slab leading into a tight right hand corner and then into an off camber rocky section. If you don’t clean it first time, it’s worth a second look—there are actually three lines within the waterfall section, two of which are relatively new so perhaps not obvious.
Source: Mountain Biking Australia Magazine - May 2010
Last Updated:
9 September 2014