Redesdale, VIC
(50km South-East of Bendigo)
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Bendigo MTB Club
Full Gas Peddlers
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Moroni’s Bikes
104 Mitchell Street, Bendigo
The trail starts with a roll over the dam wall and along an access trail, nice and easy. The single track starts with no fuss, straight into a tight twisty up hill which leads to a nice tight twisting down hill. According to the track maker this section is tight to keep unwanted moto's out, the trial opens out a little from here. Out of the single track onto the fire road and the climb begins, many will remember this from the 24hr.
Once to the top of the climb you are rewarded with more single track, not so tight this time and flowing the smiles grow. Out of this single track and right onto fire road no caravan adorned with fairy lights but not a bad view all the same. Off the fire road onto the middle sections of the trail and the "rocky horror show" begins. As the name suggests there are a couple of rocks, if you're in the market for growing rocks move to Redesdale.
This section of the trail looks worse then it is and once on the other side your gonna want to be riding it again! There are ups and downs, rock gardens, some fallen trees and flowing corners, heaven. This single track is connected by a fire road climb and then into HN's heros a section named after the creator HN. This section is fast flowing and heaps of fun you wish it could go on forever, ya just gotta watch out for the fallen trees…
Out of the single track onto the single track connector, fire road. At the bottom of the connector take a right and more sweet single track, up a small rise and then down again, past the car wrecks and over another dam wall, all I can say is duck! Another connector, then a single track climb to an awesome view and some of the funnest flowing corners/berms there are, descending gathering speed and bam your wheels are leaving the ground as you hit a little rise, a little drifting and you at the "Gate".
Straight ahead and into the last section of single track a small climb and into some sweeping downhill S's, fast and fun can the smile get any bigger? Across the fire road and it's the last 50 metres of single track before the car, this really is an amazing place to ride. The trail is narrow and oh so much fun... the trail really is as hard as you want it to be.
Source: Full Gas Peddlers
Last Updated:
14 December 2011