South Warrnambool, VIC
(3km South-West of Melbourne)
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Warrnambool MTB Club
A 3km loop of singletrack in the scrub between the Warrnambool trotting track and the cliffs overlooking some pretty vicious Southern ocean. Despite the fact that it is only a short loop, it has two distinctly different sections. The first is a winding section through super-dense tea-tree scrub – a narrow, relatively more technical trail over light sand, dotted with gnarled tea-tree stumps to hop over.
The second section is the side closer to the sea, higher up and more exposed to the weather. It is mostly open, fast-flowing riding along old walking trails on a limestone base. Riding through the dense scrubby trail is very moreish – there are ample trail features scattered about – drops, stumps to hop over and jumps.
Negotiating these obstacles – though mostly not particularly difficult, somehow manages to feel more reckless and exciting with the scrub closing in on you from every angle. The trail surface is light sand over packed dirt – it didn’t get at all sloppy on a rainy day when I rode here, though the tree roots and stumps get greasy pretty quickly.
The trail seems to be constantly climbing and descending – never long climbs, but enough to get the heart rate up a little.
Source: www.ausoutdoor.com
Last Updated:
17 May 2013