Woodend, VIC
(70km North-West of Melbourne)
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Wide Area
Wombat 100 Course
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Wombat MTB Club
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Woodend Cycles
Shop 15, 19th Hole Shopping Centre, 130 High St, Woodend
The 21km Wombat-Woodend Loop Trail is the starting point for riding in the region; the loop trail is made up of an incredible 98% single track. Your altimeter won't get a work out on this trail, but the mental intensity required to ride smoothly at speed will definitely test your skills.
The trail continually changes direction weaving through think native bushland; its surface is mostly hard packed and ranges from loamy soil to loose rock. Obstacles seem to magically appear if you stray even slightly off course from the very tight single track.
This trail provides 100% enjoyment for diversity of features and sheer riding pleasure. There are two long tree logs to roll down; they will test your balance and mental strength in visualising the desired outcome. There are also small log drops, log double jumps, log step up jumps, bermed corners and multiple log rollovers, most of which have alternative B-lines. These features will add to the enjoyment of the tight twisting singletrack.
Source: Australian Mountain Bike Magazine
Last Updated:
26 March 2013