Boddington, WA
(135km South-East of Perth)
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Perth Mountain Bike Club
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Armadale Cycles Avanti Plus
58 Fourth Road, Armadale
Mandurah’s Bikeman
Shop 2/65 Pinjarra Road, Mandurah
77-79 Steere Street, Collie
From the parking just off the road the track is easy to follow straight ahead down an old railway before weaving into some singletrack on the slight uphill. A couple of log rollovers give a hint of things to comes before the pace picks up down a fast fireroad then bam! Launching off the sweetest log drop and holding speed, the trail starts to get really fun.
The bike floats a bit as the fine gravel is unusually deep but then another corner and set up for another log drop, this time with a gap transition. Hit it at speed and you won't even feel it. Smashing down the hill you get a feeling that it is too good to go on forever, and it doesn't. A high speed righthander berm throws you into the singletrack and the climbing. Oh the climbing!
The builders were obviously very fit, because riding laps of this 6km loop you can't but be struck by the fact that all the fast fire road is on the downhills and a lot of the technical singletrack is on the climbing. In fact you could argue that the hard-won height is wasted early on by the fast open fireroad descent (but it was fun, in a 1980s kinda way). With the odd log rollover on the climb this place really suits someone who is training hard.
It's easy to get the heart rate up with most climbs having very few grade reversals for rests. But it's not all singletrack climbing. Off the back after smashing that descent and climbing halfway out you point your ship downhill and blam! Off you go again. Some gnarly singletrack that forces you to either pick the correct line or study the flora opens up into fantastic fireroad with some nice drainage jumps.
We more than once got it all a little loose before pulling it back together just in time before a high speed right that is pretty flat with a tree stump on the exit that screams "wheel magnet". Again the climb is a deathmarch but interesting none the less with lots of structures and turns. It's worth taking a break to pull it all back together because the fast flowing trail across the top is rocky and simply superb. . . . . .
Source: Enduro Magazine - Summer 2011
Last Updated:
10 November 2011