Pemberton, WA
(330km South of Perth)
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Perth Mountain Bike Club
The jump track is located at the start of the Cross Country Skills Loop. A fun and energetic long flowing jump track, featuring jumps with berms to keep the speed when required. This trail is designed to cater for intermediate riding levels at the introductory jumps and finishing with the Pro Line suited to experts. Jump face heights range from 0.8m to 1.5 m.
Cool Running is a beginner to expert cross country track that commences at the top of Block A in Pemberton Forest Park.
The Relentless Blue Cross Country Track at 4.5 km long incorporates the lay of the land in a clockwise direction. The western side of the hill is designed as the main climb but has a series of ups and downs with some hard technical elements. The western side has a series of turns, rock gardens, log rollovers, sharp uphill and downhill style trail design. The eastern face of the hill is a distinct cross country downhill section with minimal climbing incorporated in this section of the trail.
The trail has a series of technical trail features, timber and earth berms, log rollovers and jumps on the main trail. The first kilometre is a hard technical climb with the corkscrew, switchbacks and log rollovers, the downhill section is fast and good value.
Source: Pemberton Visitor Centre
Last Updated:
29 July 2015